Author, How Kyoto Breaks Your Heart (The Emma Press, 2023)

Contributor, Experience Tokyo (Lonely Planet, 2022)

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In the Home of Japan’s Ice Deity, the Art of Kakigori Reaches New Heights(Gastro Obscura

The Quest to Reacquaint Japan With Its Forgotten Native Citrus(Gastro Obscura)

The Japanese City Where Food Is Steamed in Hell(Gastro Obscura)

Toast in translation: Aomori’s ‘British’ sandwich mania(Japan Times)

Locale: California Dreaming (in the Heart of Tokyo)(Culinary Backstreets)

Culinary Secrets of Dewa Sanzan’s Mountain Monks)(Culinary Backstreets)

Tempura Mochiku: Better Batter(Culinary Backstreets)

Katsuo Shokudo: Fishy (Breakfast) Business(Culinary Backstreets)

Hatsuzushi at Hinatomaru: The First Sushi of 2022(Culinary Backstreets)

Home is where the cheese is (cheese: ISSUE 2)

Dark as a Forest, Slow Like Honey (Fare Magazine, ISSUE 10: Kyoto)


Sweden’s ‘slightly rotten’ fish tests Japan foodies(Japan Times)

Will Japan’s nonvegans bite on plant-based yogurt?(Japan Times)

‘Moonlight Shadow’ director Edmund Yeo praises the Japanese work ethic and the dedication of producers(Japan Times)

Lifting the lid on Shibuya’s designer toilets(Japan Times)

Resurrecting the tachibana, Japan’s oldest native citrus(Japan Times)

Mushi Charo: From hellish waters, heavenly flavors(Japan Times)

How Amanda Tong finds balance in life and ceramics(Japan Times)

SpeakHer wants to end the all-male panel and bring women’s voices into a range of discussions (Japan Times[)

From salaryman to sanga-slinger: Kohsuke Yamaoka knows the secret to a great sandwich (Japan Times)

Welcome to Aomori, the cassis capital of Japan (Japan Times)

What’s the future of international food tourism in post-coronavirus Japan? (Japan Times)

Travel to Kamikatsu for a green epiphany: ‘Zero waste is about knowing yourself’ (Japan Times)\

Why local communities are important to the future of Japan’s ailing tourism industry (Japan Times)

Meet obanzai, Kyoto’s version of grandma cooking (SBS Food)

Uncorking wine confidence(Tokyo American Club)

Where to go leaf hunting in Japan (TripAdvisor)

Could Buying a Book Help Save Your Favourite Tokyo Restaurant? (Japan Forward)

Going Home For Obon: How COVID-19 Has Changed Everyone’s Plans (Japan Forward)

What is Kaiseki? (Lucky Peach)

Playground of the Gods (WILD Magazine)

Welcome to the Weird Hotel! (Oryx December ‘17, Qatar Airways)

Book Reviews

Polly Barton’s ‘Fifty Sounds’ is an excavation of language through onomatopoeia(Japan Times)

Banana Yoshimoto’s ‘Dead-End Memories’ is the literary equivalent of a lo-fi playlist(Japan Times)

‘Life Ceremony’: Sayaka Murata dishes out the grotesque with humorJapan Times)

‘Cold Enough for Snow’: A meditation on the intricacies of mother-daughter relationshipsJapan Times)

Approaching tea like you would wine, Zach Mangan gives Japan’s main drink its due(Japan Times)

‘Trinity, Trinity, Trinity’: A commendable exploration of nuclear power(Japan Times)

‘Just Enough’ offers ideas for a modern crisis(Japan Times)

‘This Monk Wears Heels’ is a thing of beauty(Japan Times)

‘The Cat and the City’ author Nick Bradley: When writing fiction, ‘there’s no such thing as wasted living’ (Japan Times)


Top 5: Where to find Tokyo’s best kakigōri(Japan Times)

The heat is on: the best soupless tantanmen in Tokyo (Japan Times)

Top 5: The best soup curry restaurants in Tokyo (Japan Times)

Top 25 Tokyo Sushi Shops (Boutique Japan)

Kayabuki class and winter canoeing: a guide to sustainable travel in Japan (The Guardian Labs)

Take a hike: 10 of the best walks in Japan –– in pictures] (The Guardian Labs)

Kyoto Cuisine: Foods to Eat in the Ancient Capital (Boutique Japan)

Food in Okinawa: Local Specialties(Boutique Japan)

You Have to Eat These Dishes in Fukuoka (Boutique Japan)

What To Do When It Rains in Japan (Boutique Japan)

4 Must-Eat Noodles in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Silverkris)


This shiso-lemon syrup adds a dose of sunshine to the gloomiest day (Japan Times)

A shiitake pate to liven up any meal (Japan Times)

Too much shiso is a great problem to have (Japan Times)

Raise a glass to better days ahead with spiced winter sake (Japan Times)

Food Itineraries

1-Day Tokyo Vegetarian Eating Itinerary (Truly Tokyo)

Tokyo Foodie Itinerary (Truly Tokyo)

1-Day Kyoto Vegetarian Foodie Itinerary (Inside Kyoto)

1-Day Kyoto Foodie Itinerary (Inside Kyoto)

1-Day Osaka Foodie Itinerary (Inside Osaka)

1-Day Osaka Vegetarian Foodie Itinerary (Inside Osaka)


Japanese Swordsmithing & Izumo Shrine (Walk Japan) Tour materials for the San’in Quest, a walking tour exploring Yamaguchi and Shimane Prefectures.

Eating Yamagata from summit to sea (Stay Yamagata)

Autumn Colors: A Guide to Visiting Japan in Fall (Boutique Japan)

[Ushibuka Haiya]

Hyperart Thomasson: Vignettes (ZenVita)

Doors of Kyoto: A Photography Project (ZenVita)

Yamaguchi-san (Echoes: Writers in Kyoto Anthology 2017)

The Illicit Pleasure of Secret Indulgences (Roads and Kingdoms)

What Do We Expect From Chefs? — Reflections on Sushi Dining in Tokyo

Living Without Mobile Data in Japan (Medium)

at world’s end (Boundless)

Sweet Nostalgia: A Translation (Umamimart)

Sapporo’s Soup Curry is a Joy Forever (Until You Finish Eating It) (Umamimart)

Store Street Espresso (Londonist)


Yamanashi Sign Board Project Researched and wrote 40+ explanatory sign boards for various locations in Yamanashi Prefecture.

ST Auto Content Strategy/Creation Content strategist and creator for a Singaporean second hand car dealer. All articles can be found here.

Timeless Tokyo Wrote copy on tea experiences and bespoke shoes for a website aimed at luxury travel professionals.

Usuki: A Hidden Gem in Kyushu Created an in-depth guide to the town of Usuki and surrounding area. (You should visit!)

Setouchi Cominca Stays: Uchiko Crafted travel copy for luxury rental properties in Uchiko, and the various charms of Ehime prefecture.

Video (Scriptwriting)

PR Video - Katsuura, Tokushima (Kito Design Holdings)